) You're my sunshine.
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when my mom was 30ish, my dad took her to this garage band concert as a date and she really liked them so she bought a cd from them and talked to them for a few hours then promised to keep in touch with them and show everyone her cd, but later forgot. So 10 or so years later theyre on the radio and she just smacks her head then says, “fuck i forgot to show everyone the cd” and that is the story of how my mom let Adam Levine and the rest of Maroon 5 down.

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your smile lights up my world

your smile lights up my world

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restart your computer to install important upd-


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So stop waiting for Fridays, and stop waiting for summers, and stop waiting for someone to fall in love with you, because those things will happen. But in the meantime, enjoy right now
Lucy Sutcliffe  (via thesoutherly)
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The Eleventh Tribute - [3/5] episodes
       ↳ The Eleventh Hour

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